Chairman’s Greeting


Founded in 1999, Japan Automatic Identification Systems Association (JAISA) changed over and re-started from an incorporated association to a general incorporated association in April 2011. JAISA has been driving activities to promote R&D and standardization for automatic identification systems. One of our missions is to raise awareness and contribute to the robust development of the economy to improve the lives of the citizens of Japan.

Automatic identification systems are essential nowadays not only in industrial fields but also in our daily lives. For example, many non-contact, unmanned, and autonomous solutions have been developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are confident that automatic identification systems will continue to develop as a core technology for the “new normal”.

JAISA will respond to the emerging trend of DX (digital transformation) which can drastically change business models and will contribute to achieving the SDGs in building a green future by promoting international relations and cooperating with related organizations worldwide.

As a part of our mission to raise awareness about automatic identification systems, JAISA organizes qualifying exams to support the development of automatic identification engineers, gives seminars on the basics of automatic identification systems, and holds the Auto-ID & Communication Expo in Tokyo and Osaka every year to develop and energize the industry.

We hope to have your support and active participation in our future activities.

Japan Automatic Identification Systems Association
Takayoshi Sagara